Look, all I’m saying is that the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters is missing some prime opportunities…

So today when educating myself/researching for another article I’m writing, I was briefly reading the (Australian federal) Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters’ resolutions of appointment. I’m probably the first person to read them since they was published, but hey, this stuff is cool, right? Right? Hello? Is this thing even on?

Anyway, check out points 14 (b) and (c):

(14) the committee or any subcomittee have power to:
(a) call for witnesses to attend and for documents to be produced;
(b) conduct proceedings at any place it sees fit;
(c) sit in public or in private;
(d) report from time to time; and
(e) adjourn from time to time and sit during any adjournment of the Senate and the House of Representatives;

How are they not having their meetings here?!

image source: www.mrwallpaper.com

Or not taking the opportunity to just walk into peoples’ houses and start watching telly? “Please don’t scream, ma’am, we’ll be out of your hair in a minute, just as soon as we’ve concluded our proceedings and caught up on the latest Masterchef. Incidentally, where do you keep your whisky?”

Also, point (d), “report from time to time” – I’m just imagining them sitting on that beach in Thailand; “Bob?” “Yeh Bazza?” *slurps pina colada* “do you think we need to report yet?” “nah mate, let’s have a couple more pina coladas, then see how we feel on the matter.” “yeh Baz, let’s see how long we can keep this ‘adjournment’ going this time. Hurr hurr.”

Image source: http://www.mrwallpaper.com


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